The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

New books take fresh looks at beauty, fashionBy SAMANTHA CRITCHELL

December 9, 2001

If you’ve got fashionistas on your list of holiday gift recipients — and
who doesn’t? — the bookstore nearest you could be the best place for one-stop shopping.

The current assortment of new titles will appeal to varying tastes and
interests. And, as opposed to wearable presents, the gift of good reading and stunning visuals never goes out of style.

Here are three of the best fashion books now available.

“Asian Beauty” (Harper Collins, $30) by Margaret Kimura, 210 pages

This first-of-its-kind release is a vividly illustrated guide to beauty and
inner health that’s aimed directly at Asian women. Penned by makeup artist Margaret Kimura, it addresses the skin types, facial shapes and complexion concerns that are unique to that long-neglected segment of the market. Working with entertainers as diverse as Winona Ryder, Arnold Schwarze- negger and Ray Charles gave Kimura a unique perspective on how facial features differ. And she brings that expertise to bear on a dozen Asian “Role Models,” whose exquisitely made-up faces fill a chapter of the book. While “Asian Beauty” focuses on superficial concerns — doing so in great detail with chapters on makeup tools, application techniques and maintenance regimens — it also delves deeply into the holistic habits necessary for looking your best no matter your age, race or sex.