Asian Beauty
ReviewDec. 7 – Dec. 13, 2001

I dont know how to put on make-up  so Kimuras full-color beauty bible could be really helpful. She outlines basics, everything from what a powder brush or a flat-head eyeshadow brush is and why exactly I would want one. Kimura who grew up in Southern California, where beauty is synonymous with long blonde hair and blue eyes, says it took her many years of experimentation to lead her to who she is today and to respect the diverse aspects of APA beauty. The focus on beautiful APA women and the honest, important tips on how to bring out their best features is great  yet lines like: There is so much Asian women can do to play up their exotic almond shaped eyes, irk me somewhat. Regardless of my quasi-feminist hang-ups, this book is really beautifully photographed and covers everything from skin-care to cultivating inner beauty  an aspect that Kimura says is the most important.