December 4, 2001The best thing we bought at Barnes & Noble was a book called “Asian Beauty” by Margaret Kimura. This is a great book. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from Asian women is that they can’t find any books on beautification that were written for Asian women. After all, while beauty concepts remain similar; the nuances of the Asian skin, eyes, and hair differ quite greatly from those of the Caucasian woman. Thus, many of the lessons taught in Cosmetics and Beauty books don’t really apply.

The style of this book is a combination of Kevyn Aucoin’s heavily-stylistic books and Bobbi Brown’s series of practical application books. In other words, the photographs are beautiful; but it also goes into step-by-step format with photographs and instructions on how to do certain things, for the Asian woman.

Mary told me that this book just hit the shelves like… two weeks ago, so I don’t know if anybody’s actually even seen it yet. It’s a great book, and a must-have for Asian Women. Oh, it’s on sale for $21.00 right now at (hardbound too).